Our neoprene mats or rubber mat wargame are top class table mats for wargaming made of fabric and synthetic rubber. These “mousepad” neoprene gaming mat are made in such material that makes them the ultimate tabletop wargame: the upper part is made of waterproof anti-reflection cloth printed at very high resolution, while the lower part of the neoprene table mat is ultra-soft rubber to ensure maximum adherence to the gaming table and an anti-crease and soft-touch effect.
Whether you are looking for a wargames battle mat in a city setting, a desert or a volcanic landscape, we at Pwork Wargames have the right rubber gaming mat or playmat for your needs: resistant, practical and easy to store, unlike many wargame terrain, they are one of the best solutions to represent the terrain on which to deploy your miniatures and place the scenery terrain.

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