MDF Fantasy Tiles kits are modular scenery terrains made in 3mm MDF, ideal for role-playing games and very easy to assemble. Designed to meet the needs of the most exigent Dungeon Masters, they can be assembled in a thousand differents ways to recreate maps, dungeons or adventures scenarios for your favourite RPG game. Set the combat situation and place your monsters and heroes, complete the map step by step while the players continue in the adventure without revealing anything in advance. Tiles are divided into squares of 1" (25mm), perfectly compatible with games as Dungeon & Dragons and Pathfinder. All MDF Fantasy Tiles sets and components are compatible with each other, they also can be painted to make an even more exciting setting for your adventures. Add these tiles sets to your RPG games to create fantastic dungeon maps, make your Fantasy Roleplay Games even more exciting and engaging!

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