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Dust Town Arcade Edition - Wargames Game Mats

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Terrain mat for miniature wargames.
The perfect gaming mat to make better your wargaming tabletop.
A bare ground covered with a layer of dust, debris and weeds, for battles on a desolate landscape, on what remains of an urban pavement.

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Play your battles at your favourite wargames across the remains of a small town, now covered with a layer of dust, debris and weeds, now in ruins, on a desolate landscape, where the bare earth alternates with what remains of an urban pavement!

GAME-MAT-ARCADE-PWORK.png neoprene_mousepad_gamemat.pnggamemat_battlemat_measure.png

The ARCADE EDITION is a special LIMITED edition, in neoprene material, of wargames mats with strong chromatic impact and excellent quality. Some of our best-selling signature gaming mats revisited to offer greater contrast and vivid, intense colors.

- Neoprene

Available size:
- 4x6' (122x183cm), printed on Neoprene

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Combat Bag


Gaming mat storage and carrying bag.
The perfet accessory to transport and store your wargames mats.

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