This store uses  PayPal  for payments.

PWork accepts payments by credit cards (CB, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Aurore, Cofinoga, 4 stars).

PayPal is the payment system fast, safe and simple to use, which allows you to make purchases with the  maximum protection .

With PayPal your financial information remains protected. The data relating to credit card and bank account are never shared with online stores and you are completely protected from unauthorized payments made ​​from your account.

You need not be registered to PayPal to purchase on this store.
It 'just insert the details of the credit card on the secure server and in a few moments your purchase will be concluded. If you are already iscitto to PayPal you can use your information to buy through your account.

PayPal does not communicate the details of your bank account and your credit card to the sellers.

When you pay with PayPal, the numbers of your bank account and your credit card details are never disclosed to the seller or merchant. Your financial information remains protected. Also, you're protected 100% from unauthorized payments sent from your account.

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