Our Gaming Mats are play mats that represent a battlefield with great realism and impact on your tabletop.
Specifically designed for miniature games and wargames, they have several settings, and can be a great match for any game.
They are produced in three different materials:

  • Neoprene / Rubber, the Premium mat
  • PVC / Vinyl, resistant and great value-for-money
  • Cloth, convenient, handy and extremely light

Neoprene / Rubber

It is our PREMIUM product.
Surface in non-crease, stain-resistant fabric, with 2mm non-slippery rubber foam backing.
It lays perfectly and instantly on your tabletop. It is the ultimate gaming mat.
Here's is a review by Beasts of War team of our Industrial Ruins neoprene/rubber gaming mat:

PVC / Vinyl

It is a great value-for-money material.
Printed on 500gr anti-glare PVC.
It should be rolled with graphics externally, so that it unrolls and lays down smoothly on your tabletop.
Here is the review of some of our PVC/Vinyl gaming mats:


It is the best space-saving mat.
Made from synthetic cloth-weave, it is ultralight and easy to store or transport anywhere.
Mashine washable, it can be ironed with a steam iron.