Industrial Ruins - Wargames Terrain Mat

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Terrain mat for miniature wargames.
The perfect gaming mat to make better your wargaming tabletop.
A Sci-Fi industrial landscape, abandoned and in ruins, for fights among wreckage and destroyed roads.

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Play your battles at your favourite wargames on a desolate industrial area, now in ruins, among large industrial plants and the ruins of abandoned structures and containers!

- Syntethic Cloth
- Neoprene

Available size:
- 4x6' (122x183cm), printed on PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Neoprene
- 4x4' (122x122cm), printed on PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Neoprene
- 3x3' (92x92cm), printed on PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Neoprene
- 3x6' (92x183cm), printed on PVC / Syntethic Cloth
- 22x30" (56x76cm), printed on PVC / Neoprene

Data sheet

The gaming mat with the best value for money! Made from high durability premium class PVC. Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture. Resistant to scratch and tear as well as dirt stains.
The gaming mat save space for excellence! Made from synthetic cloth-weave. Ultra-lightweight and easy to store and transport everywhere. Durable and resistant gaming surface with high quality printed picture.
The premium gaming mat! Made from synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber foam backing. It lays perfectly and istantly. Non slipper backing surface. Gaming surface resistant to scratch and durable.
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Industrial Ruins - Tappeto per Wargames
Davvero ben fatto e la consegna è stata rapida e senza problemi. Consigliato per chi è solito giocare vari wargames come ad esempio Kill Team ma anche i vari Warhammer 40k e Age of Sigmar se si prendono le versioni più grandi
Very Good Battle Mat
Awesome Quality and high detail for a fair price!
Industrial Ruins
The mat was amazing!! It was everything I wanted it for and more. I got the mat carrier too which has plenty of room for additional mats. Though I have to say is also a down side, since many competitors give a free case with the purchase. I don\'t regret purchase though since I am doing a Warhammer 40K Mechanicus/ Industrial theme. Not a better design out there. Just advice for anybody living in the United States purchasing from this company, is it does take a long time to get your order.
Industrial Ruins Terrain Mat
Very happy. Love the design the detail is really impressive and I\'m very happy with the mats quality
Horus Dacey
Totally blown away by the quality of this matt - ordered it in PVC - the colour is incredibly rich with deep blacks and super crisp detail. One of the most photo realistic matts I\'ve ever seen!
Excelente tapete para juego
Después de mirar en otras páginas, me decidí por Pwork ya que era el diseño que más me gustaba. Muy satisfecho con la compra, no queda arrugado y es muy cómodo y facil. La impresión muy conseguida con una acabado excepcional, queda perfecta con mi escenografía. Sin duda una compra excelente, lo único que hace que no pida más por el momento son los gastos de envio.
Super versatile mat and fantastic service.
Kaptin Nazgrim \'ulksmoke
This mat is one of the best values of any of my gaming purchases. The aesthetic fits all the major games and factions I play, but without resorting to being super generic and devoid of character. From dusty ruins in the underhive and industrial wastelands ravaged by space orks, to gun-slinger alien uprisings or the adventures of former vault-dwellers, there's nothing I play it doesn't work well with. The detail is quite crisp. I'd heard minor complains that the colors might be too vibrant, and that the logo was too visible, but the colors on the one I received are gritty, and the logo is not that pronounced. Their customer service was freaking phenomenal as well. They went above and beyond to help me keep my shipping costs to a minimum and make sure my package arrived when and where it needed to. If the automated shipping calculator quotes you a weird number, just get in touch with them and they'll totally help you out. :)
Recommended design
Fantastic mat and the design and great, very realistic and when the scenery is on top really does complete the table top.
Fast delivery. Highly recomended
Amazing mat!
Ben Foster - Deathhammer40k
We've had our Industrial Ruins battle mat for over a year now and it's our favourite mat to play on! The colours and textures are second to none and the detail is amazing. We're looking to get another PWork mat very soon as we're really impressed with their quality and passion!
just the best gaming mat.

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Combat Bag


Gaming mat storage and carrying bag.
The perfet accessory to transport and store your wargames mats.

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