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Anonym 30/12/2019
Anonym 06/01/2020
my review of the Combat book
Mr. Mean Speaks! - Pworkwargames - Combat book...
Mr. Mean 13/02/2020
Amazing costumer service and products! Amazing!
Mirkeja 24/03/2020
Good customer service! My order arrived in good time, and is excellent quality. Very happy with my purchase!
P Thomson 05/08/2020
warsands PVC mat
very pleased with the product, purchased to use in North Africa and Italian campaigns for Bolt Action. Quick delivery and no issues. Shipped to UK with no issues
Bjkernow 01/09/2020
Very slow and poor service
Slow service and poor communication. appalling shipping. I ordered the mat on 11th Aug and received the mat on 5th September. A week after ordering I had to email them to ask what was happening with the order to be told that it should be shipped the following week! In spite of paying 17.50 EUR shipping which should have paid for a professional shipping company like DHL etc they used a really cheap and slow service and i presume pocketed the shipping fees. Shipping from Italy to Ireland took them 12 days!
Andrew 16/09/2020
Great quality and service
Awesome products, the design is superb. Always new ideas for gamers, I will come back for the Combat Book!
Poldish 24/10/2020
Great Products !
I bought a Dune mat and I'm very impressed by the quality. Highly recommended. Thanks PWork Team !
THMiniatures 29/10/2020
plus de décevant
J'ai acheté un Tapis de terrain réinscriptible pour les RPG et les jeux de société lors de la manifestation Octogone à Lyon il y a environ 2 ans et je vous confirme que ce tapis pourtant très prometteur ne l'est absolument pas ! J'ai essayer d'écrire dessus avec différent feutre lavable ou tout simplement les feutre à tableau blanc comme expliqué lors de la vente mais il faut bien reconnaitre que rien ne s'efface!! Aujourd'hui je t'ai recouvert d'un vinyle pour pouvoir l'utiliser comme tel! non vraiment autant le fabriquer soi-même au final !!
Winicci 12/11/2020
Great battlemat and fast delivery!
Ordered Roads of War battlemat and im 100% happy with it. Mat is neoprene rubber, Nicely detailed and shipment was extremely fast from Italy to Finland and it was delivered to the front door. Highly recommended!
Mape 19/01/2021
great scenary
My home battlefield is ready now ! thx a lot, order shipped and received really quickly
Mc 14/06/2021