Pwork Wargames s.r.l.s., passion and experience

Pwork Wargames s.r.l.s is an italian company, born in 2016, that produces and sells products dedicated to RPGs, wargames and boardgames.

What Pwork Wargames is born from? From an almost perfect combination: passion and experience.

The passion is that of a group of players and hobbyists who have always had fun, who experiment new ways and, of course, who know in first person the needs of those who play.

The experience is that of a team of professionals who design and produce materials for players all over the world, always keeping in mind three characteristics: quality of design and materials, competitiveness of prices and offers, flexibility and customization.

Our team

Pwork Wargames is an italian company: we like to think that the business card of our "Italianness" is the care for the deign and style of our products, all conceived by "the creative soul" of Pwork, Paolo Bertoncini, art director and game designer.

Yes, we are italians and located in Italy, but we ship and sell oru products all around the world: Alessandro Picollo manages the logistic, shipments, requests and needs of our customers and much more... The whole organization of production and order managment depends on him.

Last but not least, two girls (our pink share!) joined the team: Paola Prinetti, who manages the relationships and collaborations with the gaming clubs and the companies interested in a collaboration with Pwork and Chiara Colonna, editor and "narrator", whose precious coordination work keeps the projects on the right track and the team united.

The team is then joined by other professionals, who work with the staff to make Pwork always better.