We are on a mission!

Our mission is to improve and enhance your gaming experience.
Nice statement, isn’t it?
Well, it is absolutely true today, but at the beginning it all started to improve our gaming experience ;-)
As we are first of all players, hobby enthusiasts and passionate about tabletop games.
Settings inspired by games’ narratives and background, advanced role play maps, modular accessories compatible with each other, anything that could help turning our tabletops into battlefields: as players, this is what we were dreaming of and we simply started to create it.

That’s how it all began, back in 2016.

Today Pwork Wargames designs, manufactures and sells worldwide game mats, wargames terrain and scenery, RPG maps and many other gaming accessories.
Everything is designed and manufactured in-house, 100% made in Italy, with the highest attention to quality materials, usability, good value-for-money and, above all, to the excellence of the design and graphic artwork.
In particular, Pwork game mats have become a benchmark in the wargaming community, beautifully designed by expert gamers.
Creativity is our core value: we are constantly expanding our product ranges, and exploring new ways to make the gaming experience more and more spectacular and immersive, also thanks to the constant dialogue with players’ community.
And, more importantly, we never stop playing!

The team

Paolo Bertoncini
art director, game designer, writer, innovator, genius, playboy, philanthrope
“I was thinking of an animated background wall that…”

Alessandro Picollo
master of logistics and sales, … with a (hidden) sense of humor
“a-ha, interesting… did you think also how to pack and ship it???”

Paola Prinetti
makes process efficiency look (almost) charming, takes care of partnerships & sponsorships
“Wow, I have someone crazy enough to promote it on his channel!”

Chiara Colonna
editor, coordinator, priorities visionary, guarantor of accommodation quality during business trips
“Ok, nice, but have you seen this lovely guest house just 58 minutes’ walk from the trade show?”

Denise Rizzi
support to production, logistics, customer care, crochet superpowers, beer tapping…
“…these guys are nuts: I love this company!”

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